Agile Live 2.0.0

Fifth release of Agile Live in 2022.

Agile Live 2.0.0 is the second major release of the Agile Live system. This release contains several new features and bugfixes to improve the performance, stability and usability of the system.

See the Release documentation for more details.

New Rendering Engine

The 2.0.0 release ships with a brand new Rendering Engine, featuring a video mixer and a fundamental audio mixer. This makes it the first release of Agile Live to contain all you need to run a full broadcast production without the need for implementing some of the components yourself. The release still includes the SDK, which allows for custom Rendering Engine implementations for more advanced users.

Tally borders in multi-views

Tally borders are now drawn in the multi-view outputs and the views being preview or on air are marked with a green and a red frame, respectively. For custom Rendering Engines implementation, the SDK has a new API for controlling the tally border state.

Automatic reconnection to System Controller

The components in the system will now automatically try to reconnect to the System Controller, in case the connection goes down. This also means that the components can be started before the System Controller is started, and that the System Controller can easily be restarted after a fatal failure to reclaim control over the running system, without interrupting productions that are on air.

Enhanced system security

HTTPS is now supported in the System Controller to encrypt communication using the REST API as well as the connections from the System Controller to the components in the system. The REST API now also features a basic authentication system to only grant access to the actors with the correct credentials. Also, the components are authorized when connecting to the System Controller using a Pre-shared key (PSK) that must be provided at startup of the components. Read more about how to activate and use these features in the security tutorial