Agile Live 5.0.0

Third release of Agile Live in 2023.

Agile Live 5.0.0 is the fifth major release of the Agile Live system. This release adds HTML template support, chroma keying and WebSocket support for Control Panel GUIs among other things.

See the Release documentation for more details.

Built-in HTML rendering

This release features a new HTML rendering module based on the well known Chromium engine (the same web browser engine as used in Google Chrome). This allows rendering HTML graphics templates right in the Rendering Engine where the rendered page is fed into the Rendering Engine though an input slot, just like any video from an Ingest. Name signs, tickers, logos, transition graphics, you name it! It even supports having multiple HTML templates loaded, feeding their rendered pages to different input slots, in case of productions with many different graphical elements. The HTML templates can be controlled from the Control Panels by sending JavaScript commands, making it very flexible and powerful. Since the HTML templates are regular webpages JavaScript can be used to make them automatically update themselves or download the data to display. To ensure the templates are rendered exactly the same way in case multiple Pipelines are used with different video resolution, the operator can choose the canvas size when new HTML pages are loaded and the HTML page will be automatically resized to fit the video resolution of the Pipeline in case needed. So even if your graphics team has made an HTML template which will only work when rendered in 1080p, it will look correct in a 720p production.

Chroma Key node

The Rendering Engine has received a new node to create Chroma Keying effects. With this new node it is possible to key green and blue screens, or why not a pink screen? The chroma keyer comes with easy-to-use controls. Just set the key color and the distance and falloff from this color is also considered a part of the key color. In case you still see some key color around the edges, the spill reduction control will come to your help, desaturating the edges to make your chroma key look good. To aid the key color picking, there are also controls to pick a color directly from the incoming video feed.

Audio peak meters

This release has made the work of the audio operator much easier. The multi view output now features peak audio meters, showing the audio levels in real time for all the connected sources, as well as the audio on the program output. With yellow and red areas defining the -20 and -8 dbFS levels respectively, it is both possible to monitor that the audio levels are within a suitable range, apart from the obvious use case: to see if there are actually any audio being transported to the production at all…

WebSocket Control Panel

A new Control Panel has been added with this release. Working similar to the TCP Control Panel, the new WebSocket Control Panel will relay commands sent from a WebSocket client to the Production. The WebSocket interface makes integration against web based GUIs much easier, lowering the entry barrier of Control Panel GUI creators significantly.