ESB3024 Router definitions of commonly used terms
Agile CDN Director. See “Director”.
A backend service that hosts the service configuration. Comes with an API, a CLI and a GUI.
A filter that associate a request with a tag that can be used to define session groups.
The Agile Delivery OTT router and related services.
A software bundle that can be separately installed and upgraded, and is released as one entity with one change log. Each ESB is identified with a number. Over time, features and functions within an ESB can change.
A widely available scripting language that is often used to extend the capabilities of a piece of software.
Unless otherwise specified, an HTTP router that manages an OTT session using HTTP redirect. There are also ways to use DNS instead of HTTP.
Selection Input API
Data posted to this API can be accessed by the routing rules and hence influence the routing decisions.
Subnet API
An API to define mappings between subnets and names (typically regions) for those subnets. Routing rules can then refer to the names rather than the subnets.
Session Group
A handle on a group of requests, defined via classifiers.