Configuration changes between 1.8.0 and 1.10.x

This describes the configuration changes between ESB3024 Router version 1.8.0 and 1.10.x.

Confd configuration changes

Below are the major changes to the confd configuration between version 1.8.0 and 1.10.x listed.

Added integration.convoy section

An integration.convoy section has been added to the configuration. It is currently used for configuring the Convoy Bridge service.

Removed services.routing.apiKey configuration

The services.routing.apiKey configuration key has been removed. This was an obsolete way of giving the configuration access to the router. The key has to be removed from the configuration when upgrading, otherwise the configuration will not be accepted.

Added services.routing.settings.qoeTracking

A services.routing.settings.qoeTracking section has been added to the configuration.

Added healthChecks sections to the hosts

The hosts in the hostGroup entries have been extended with a healthChecks key, which is a list of functions that determine if a host is in good health.

For example, a redirecting host might look like this after the configuration has been updated:

    "services": {
        "routing": {
            "hostGroups": [
                    "name": "convoy-rr",
                    "type": "redirecting",
                    "httpPort": 80,
                    "httpsPort": 443,
                    "forwardHostHeader": true,
                    "hosts": [
                            "name": "convoy-rr-1",
                            "hostname": "convoy-rr-1",
                            "ipv6_address": "",
                            "healthChecks": [