Release acd-router-1.0.0

First production

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Release status

Type: First production release

Known Limitations

The setting “allowed_clients” should not be used since the functionality does not work as expected.

Change log

  • Flexible routing rule engine with support for Lua plugins. Support many use cases, including CDN Offload and CDN Selection.
  • Advanced client classification mechanisms for routing based on group memberships (device type, content type, etc).
  • Geobased routing including dedicated high-performing API for subnet matching, associating an incoming request with a region.
  • Integration API to feed the service with arbitrary variables to use for routing decisions. Can be used to get streaming bitrate in public CDNs, status from network probes, etc.
  • Flexible request/response translation manipulation on the client facing interface. Can be used for URL manipulation, encoding/decoding tokens or adapting the interface to e.g. the PowerDNS backend protocol.
  • Metrics API that can be monitored with standard monitoring software. Out-of-the-box integration with Prometheus and Grafana.
  • Robust deployment with each service instance running independently, and allowing the service to stay in operational state even when backends become temporarily unavailable.
  • RHEL 7/8 support.
  • Online documentation at