Release acd-router-1.2.0

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Type: production

Breaking changes


Change log

  • NEW: Add meta fields to the configuration . The API now allows the meta data fields “created_at”, “source” and “source_checksum” that can be used for the API consumer to track who did what change when.
  • NEW: Control routing behavior based on backend response code . This gives control over when to return backend response codes to the end user and when to trigger a failover to another CDN or host.
  • NEW: Manage Lua scripts via API
  • NEW: Support popularity-based routing . Content can be ordered in multiple groups with descending popularity. Popularity can also be tracked per session group.
  • NEW: Improved support for IPv6 routing . It is now possible to select backend depending on the IP protocol version.
  • NEW: Add DNS backend support . This allows delegating routing decisions to an EDNS0 server.
  • NEW: Support HMAC with SHA256 in Lua scripts
  • NEW: Add alarm support . The alarms are handled by Prometheus and Alertmanager.
  • NEW: Support saving Grafana Dashboards
  • NEW: Add simplified configuration API and CLI tool . A new configuration API with an easier to use model has been added. The “confcli” tool present in many other Edgeware products is now supported.
  • NEW: Add authentication to the REST API
  • FIXED: Host headers not forwarded to Request Router when ‘redirecting: true’ is enabled
  • FIXED: IP range classifier does not work in session groups