Release acd-router-1.2.3

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Type: production

Breaking changes


Change log

  • NEW: Add more classifiers . New classifiers are hostName, contentUrlPath, userAgent, contentUrlQueryParameters [ESB3024-298]
  • NEW: Add allow- and denylist rule blocks [ESB3024-380]
  • NEW: Add enhanced validation of scriptable field in routing rules [ESB3024-393]
  • NEW: Add services to the config tree [ESB3024-410]
  • NEW: Prohibit unknown configuration properties [ESB3024-416]
  • FIXED: Duplicate session group IDs are allowed [ESB3024-49]
  • FIXED: Invalid URL returned for IPv4 requests when using a DNS backend [ESB3024-374]
  • FIXED: Not possible to set log level in eDNS proxy [ESB3024-378]
  • FIXED: Instream selection fails when DASH manifest has template paths using “../” [ESB3024-384]