Release esb3024-1.10.0

Build date


Release status

Type: production

Breaking changes

The configuration needs to be manually updated after upgrading to 1.10.0. See Installing release 1.10.0 for more information.

Change log

  • NEW: Use metrics from streamers in routing decisions. Added standard library Lua support to use hardware metrics in routing decisions. Added host health checks in the configuration. [ESB3024-154]
  • NEW: Remove unused field “apiKey” from configuration [ESB3024-426]
  • NEW: Support integration with Convoy Analytics [ESB3024-694]
  • NEW: Support combining classifiers using AND/OR in session groups [ESB3024-776]
  • NEW: Enable access logging by default [ESB3024-816]
  • NEW: Improved Lua translation function error handling [ESB3024-874]
  • NEW: Updated predictive load balancing functions to support hardware metrics [ESB3024-887]
  • NEW: Remove apiKey from documentation [ESB3024-927]
  • FIXED: Condition with ‘or’ statement sometimes generate faulty Lua [ESB3024-863]

Known Limitations