Release esb3024-1.4.0

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Release status

Type: production

Breaking changes

  • All configuration is now stored under /opt/edgeware/acd, see [ESB3024-425]. Any configuration that is to be kept needs to be manually migrated.
    Typically /opt/edgeware/etc/confd/store/store.json needs to be copied to /opt/edgeware/acd/confd/store/store.json, /opt/edgeware/var/lib/acd-router/cached-acd-router-config.json needs to be copied to /opt/edgeware/acd/router/cache/config.json and /opt/edgeware/var/lib/acd-router/cached-router-rest-api-key.json needs to be copied to /opt/edgeware/acd/router/cache/rest-api-key.json. Custom Lua functions need to be migrated from /opt/edgeware/acd/var/lib/custom_lua to /opt/edgeware/acd/router/lib/custom_lua. The Prometheus and Grafana configurations also need to be copied if they have been modified.

    The following changes were made to the confcli configuration [ESB3024-455].
  • The rule fields inside the routing rule items were renamed to condition to avoid confusion with the rules list. This applies to the blocks allow, deny, split and weighted.
  • The popularityThreshold in the contentPopularity routing rule was renamed to contentPopularityCutoff.

Change log

  • NEW: 1-Page Status Report . Added command ew-sysinfo that can be used on any machine with an ESB3024 installation. The command outputs various information about the system and installed services which can be used for monitoring and diagnostics. [ESB3024-391]
  • NEW: Update routing rule property names . Routing rule property names updated for consistency and clarity [ESB3024-455]
  • FIXED: Deleting confd API array element inside oneOf object fails [ESB3024-355]
  • FIXED: Container logging not captured by systemd until services are restarted [ESB3024-359]
  • FIXED: Alertmanager restricts the configuration to a single file [ESB3024-381]
  • FIXED: Split rules in routing configuration should terminate on error [ESB3024-420]
  • FIXED: Improve alert configuration in Prometheus [ESB3024-422]
  • FIXED: Inconsistent storage paths of service configuration and data [ESB3024-425]
  • FIXED: confd-transformer is not working in el7 [ESB3024-430]