Release esb3024-1.6.0

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Release status

Type: production

Breaking changes

The configuration needs to be manually updated after upgrading to 1.6.0. See configuration changes between 1.4.0 and 1.6.0 for more information.

Change log

  • NEW: Remove the lua_paths array from the config . Lua scripts are now added using a REST API on the /v1/lua/ endpoint. [ESB3024-204]
  • NEW: Separate “account-monitor” from installer [ESB3024-238]
  • NEW: Consistent hashing based routing . Added support for content distribution control for load balancing and cache partitioning [ESB3024-274]
  • NEW: Predictive load balancing . Account for in-transit traffic to prevent cache overload when there is a sudden burst of new sessions. [ESB3024-275]
  • NEW: Support Convoy security tokens [ESB3024-386]
  • NEW: Expose quality, host and session ID in the session object in Lua context [ESB3024-429]
  • NEW: Support upgrade of system python in installer [ESB3024-442]
  • NEW: Do not configure selinux and firewalld in installer [ESB3024-493]
  • NEW: Convoy Distribution/Account integration [ESB3024-503]
  • NEW: Make eDNS server port configurable . The router configuration hosts.proxy_address has been renamed to hosts.proxy_url and now accepts a port that is used when connecting to the proxy. The cdns.http_port and cdns.https_port configurations now configure the port that is used for connecting to the EDNS server, before they configured the port that was used for connecting to the proxy. [ESB3024-509]
  • NEW: Expand node table in Lua context . New fields are:, node.visits,, host.recent_selections [ESB3024-630]
  • FIXED: DNS lookup can fail . DNS lookup can fail when same content requested from both IPv4 and IPv6 clients [ESB3024-427]
  • FIXED: Failed DNS requests are not retried . Fixed bug where failed eDNS requests were not retried [ESB3024-504]
  • FIXED: Lua functions are not updated when uploaded [ESB3024-544]
  • FIXED: Undefined metatable fields evaluate to false rather than nil [ESB3024-642]
  • FIXED: Evaluator::evaluate() doesn’t support different types of its variadic arguments [ESB3024-687]
  • FIXED: Segfault when accessing REST api with empty path [ESB3024-752]
  • FIXED: Container UID/GID may change between versions [ESB3024-755]