Release esb3024-1.8.0

Build date


Release status

Type: production

Breaking changes

The configuration needs to be manually updated after upgrading to 1.8.0. See Installing release 1.8.0 for more information.

Change log

  • NEW: Remove ESB3026 Account Monitor from installer. [ESB3024-354]
  • NEW: Improve selection input endpoint flexibility and security. See API overview documentation for details. [ESB3024-423]
  • NEW: Support anonymous geoip rules [ESB3024-699]
  • NEW: Add ASN IDs list classifiers to confd [ESB3024-778]
  • NEW: Enable content popularity tracking by default. Added option to enable/disable in confd/confcli. [ESB3024-781]
  • NEW: Remove dependency on session from security token verification [ESB3024-809]
  • FIXED: A lot of JSON output on failed routing. HTTP response no longer contains internal routing information. [ESB3024-523]
  • FIXED: Returning Lua table from Lua debug endpoint can crash router. Selection Input values now support floating point values in a Lua context [ESB3024-691]
  • FIXED: Floating point selection inputs are truncated to ints when passed to Lua context [ESB3024-710]
  • FIXED: Race condition between RestApi and Session [ESB3024-753]
  • FIXED: confd/concli doesn’t support “forward_host_header” on hostGroups [ESB3024-761]
  • FIXED: Support Lua vector keys in reverse order [ESB3024-780]

Known Limitations