HTTPS Certificates

Installation and verification of SSL certificates

Configuration of ESB3024 Router is done through a REST API over HTTPS. While the router installer generates a self-signed certificate in order to enable the interface at all, this is not considered safe and secure so a properly generated certificate should be used instead.

For SSL to work, the router needs to have both an x509 certificate and a key in ASCII armored PEM format:



The files can be either separate .crt and .key files or a combined .pem file.

Simply copy the file(s) generated by your CA service, into the /opt/edgeware/acd/ssl folder on the host machine and they will automatically be used by the router. The filenames must match the associated hostname, and there’s currently no support for wildcard matching or multiple domains per certificate. Several key/crt pairs can be placed in the folder in order to support more than one domain name.