Private CDN Offload Routing with DNS

Use CoreDNS and ESB3024 Router to offload traffic from a private CDN

This shows a setup to do DNS based routing and 3rd party CDN offload from a private main CDN. The following components are used in the setup:

  • A private Edgeware CDN with Convoy (ESB3006), Request Router (ESB3008) and SW Streamers (ESB3004)
  • ESB3024 Router to offload traffic to an external CDN
  • CoreDNS to support DNS based routing using ESB3024

The following figure shows an overview of the different components and how they interact.

Solution Overview

A client retrieves a DNS name from it’s content portal. The DNS name is then resolved by CoreDNS that asks the router for a suitable host. The router either returns a host from ESB3008 Request Router or a configured offload host.

The following sequence diagram illustrates the flow.

DNS Resolution Sequence Diagram

Follow the links below to configure different use cases of this setup.