Installing older releases

Installation instructions parts of the base platform for older releases

This page describes a couple of steps in installing the base platform that are specific for releases 5.0.0 and older, and replaces these sections in the main documentation.

Base packages installed via ‘apt’

To make it possible to run the Ingest and Rendering Engine, some packages must be installed. The following base packages can be installed with the apt package manager:

sudo apt -y update && sudo apt -y upgrade && sudo apt -y install libssl3 libfdk-aac2 libopus0 libcpprest2.10 libspdlog1 libfmt8 libsystemd0 chrony libcairo2 systemd-coredump

The systemd-coredump package in the list above is really handy to have installed to be able to debug core dumps later on.

Installing the Agile Live components

Extract the following release artifacts from the release files listed under Releases:

  • Ingest application consisting of binary acl-ingest and shared library
  • Production pipeline library and associated header files
  • Rendering engine application acl-renderingengine
  • Production control panel interface library and associated header files
  • Generic control panel applications acl-manualcontrolpanel, acl-tcpcontrolpanel and acl-websocketcontrolpanel