Control panel GUI examples

Installing and configuring some Control panel GUI examples

The rendering engine, which contains the video mixer, HTML renderer, audio mixer, etc., is configured and controlled via a control command API over the control connections. Some source code examples of control panel integrations are provided, together with 3rd party software recommendations. All these use the generic control panels as proxies when communicating with the rendering engine. However, it is recommended for integrators to, when possible, write their own control panel integrations using the libraries and header files provided by the base layer of the platform instead of relaying the commands via the generic control panels.

Streamdeck and Companion

A good first starting point for a control panel to control the video (and audio) mixer is to use an Elgato Streamdeck in combination with the open source software Bitfocus Companion.

The source code examples

Unzip the file to find several different source code examples of control panel integrations in various languages. Some communicate with the generic tcp control panel, some with the generic websocket control panel, some directly with the REST API. The source code is free to reuse and adapt.

The audio control interface and GUI

An example audio control panel interface and GUI is provided as source code in Python 3. It attempts to find a control panel HW, either the Korg nanoKONTROL2 or Behringer X-Touch Extender, via MIDI and to communicate with it using the Mackie Control protocol. (Note that the Korg nanoKONTROL2 does not use the Maicke protocol by default. Refer to the nanoKONTROL2 user manual on how to set it up)

The audio control panel uses the tkinter GUI library in the Python standard libraries, and also depends upon the python packages python_rtmidi and mido which can be installed using pip3 install.

The chroma key control panels

There is a Python3+tkinter-based GUI for configuring the chroma key (“green screen”) functionality, which communicates with the generic tcp control panel.

There is also a HTML-based version that communicates with the generic websocket control panel.

The thumbnail viewer

The thumbnail viewer is an example web GUI to poll the REST API and visualize all ingests and sources that are connected to a given System Controller. Thumbnails of all sources are shown, and updated every 5 seconds.