System controller config

Reference for the Agile Live System Controller configuration file

This page describes the configuration settings possible to set via the acl_sc_settings.json file.

Expanded Config nameConfig nameDescriptionDefault value
security.saltsaltSalt string for the generation of tokens and encryption keys“Some random string”
security.nnN is CPU/memory cost parameter, must be a power of 2, greater than 1. 165536
security.rrR constrain must satisfy R*P < 2^30. 18
security.ppP constrain must satisfy R*P < 2^30, if exceeded this an error will be returned 11
security.keylenkeylenThe length of the generated token32
logger.levellevelThe level that the logging will produce output, available in ascending order: debug, info, warn, errorinfo
site.portportPort on which the service is accessible8080
site.hosthostThe hostname that the service is accessiblelocalhost
response_timeoutresponse_timeoutHow long a request between the system controller and a component is allowed before it times out5000ms
cors.allowed_originsallowed_originsComma-separated list of origin addresses that is allowed["*"]
cors.allowed_methodsallowed_methodsComma-separated list of HTTP methods that the service accepts[“GET”, “POST”, “PUT”, “PATCH”, “DELETE”]
cors.allowed_headersallowed_headersComma-separated list of headers that are allowed["*"]
cors.exposed_headersexposed_headersComma-separated list of headers that are allowed for exposure[""]
cors.allow_credentialsallow_credentialsAllowing the xKHR to set credentials cookiesfalse
cors.max_agemax_ageHow long the preflight cache is stored before a new must be done again300
custom_headers.[N].keykeyThe key of the header, eg: nameNone
custom_headers.[N].valuevalueThe value to the key of the headerNone