A MediaReceiver contains the logic for receiving, decoding and aligning incoming media sources from the Ingests. The aligned data is then delivered to the Rendering Engine which is also responsible for setting up the MediaReceiver. The MediaReceiver has a builtin multi view generator, which can create output streams containing composited subsets of the incoming video sources. This class is controlled using an ISystemControllerInterface provided when starting it.
A struct containing information on the format of an incoming stream.
Settings for a MediaReceiver.

Source code

// Copyright (c) 2022, Edgeware AB. All rights reserved.

#pragma once

#include <memory>
#include <utility>

#include "AlignedFrame.h"
#include "ISystemControllerInterface.h"

class MediaReceiver {
    struct NewStreamParameters {
        uint32_t mVideoHeight = 0;     // Height of the video in pixels. 0 if the stream does not contain any video
        uint32_t mVideoWidth = 0;      // Width of the video in pixels. 0 if the stream does not contain any video
        uint32_t mFrameRateN = 0;      // Frame rate numerator
        uint32_t mFrameRateD = 1;      // Frame rate denominator
        uint32_t mAudioSampleRate = 0; // Sample rate of the audio in Hz. 0 if the stream does not contain any audio

    struct Settings {
        AlignedFrame::PixelFormat mDecodedFormat = AlignedFrame::PixelFormat::kRgba64Le;

        std::function<std::function<void(const AlignedFramePtr&)>(uint32_t inputSlot,
                                                                  const std::string& streamID,
                                                                  const NewStreamParameters& newStreamParameters)>

        std::function<void(uint32_t inputSlot)> mClosedConnectionCallback;

        bool mUseMultiViewer = false; 
        bool mDeliverOld = false;     

    enum class TallyBorderColor : uint32_t { kNone, kRed, kGreen, kYellow };



    bool start(const std::shared_ptr<ISystemControllerInterface>& controllerInterface, const Settings& settings);

    void stop();

    std::function<void(const AlignedFramePtr&)> getCustomMultiViewSourceInput(uint32_t inputSlot,
                                                                              const std::string& name = "");

    bool removeCustomMultiViewSourceInput(uint32_t inputSlot);

    void setTallyBorder(uint32_t inputSlot, TallyBorderColor color);

    void clearTallyBorder(uint32_t inputSlot);

    void clearAllTallyBorders();

    [[nodiscard]] MediaReceiver::TallyBorderColor getTallyBorder(uint32_t inputSlot) const;

    MediaReceiver(MediaReceiver const&) = delete;            // Copy construct
    MediaReceiver(MediaReceiver&&) = delete;                 // Move construct
    MediaReceiver& operator=(MediaReceiver const&) = delete; // Copy assign
    MediaReceiver& operator=(MediaReceiver&&) = delete;      // Move assign

    static std::string getVersion();

    static std::string getBuildInfo();

    static std::string getLibraryVersions();

    class Impl;
    std::unique_ptr<Impl> pImpl;

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