System controller config

Reference for the Agile Live System Controller configuration file

This page describes the configuration settings possible to set via the acl_sc_settings.json file.

Expanded Config nameConfig nameDescriptionDefault value
pskpskThe Pre-shared key used to authorize components to connect to the System Controller. Must be 32 characters long""
security.saltsaltSalt string for the generation of tokens and encryption keys“Some random string”
security.nnParameter for token and encryption generation. N is CPU/memory cost parameter, must be a power of 2, greater than 1. 165536
security.rrParameter for token and encryption generation. R is block size factor. R constrain must satisfy R*P < 2^30. 18
security.ppParameter for token and encryption generation. P is the parallelization parameter. P constrain must satisfy R*P < 2^30, if this is exceeded, an error will be returned 11
security.keylenkeylenThe length of the generated tokens32
client_auth.enabledenabledSwitch to enable basic authentication for clients in the REST APIfalse
client_auth.usernameusernameThe username that will grant access to the REST API“admin”
client_auth.passwordpasswordPassword that will grant access to the REST API“changeme”
https.enabledenabledSwitch to enable encryption of the REST API as well as the connections between the System Controller and the connected componentsfalse
https.insecureinsecureEnable the use of self-signed and/or unsecure certificatesfalse
https.certificate_filecertificate_filePath to the certificate file. In pem format""
https.private_key_fileprivate_key_filePath to the private key file. In pem format""
logger.levellevelThe level that the logging will produce output, available in ascending order: debug, info, warn, errorinfo
site.portportPort on which the service is accessible8080
site.hosthostHostname on which the service is accessiblelocalhost
response_timeoutresponse_timeoutThe maximum time of a request between the System Controller and a component before the request is timed out5000ms
cors.allowed_originsallowed_originsComma-separated list of origin addresses that are allowed["*"]
cors.allowed_methodsallowed_methodsComma-separated list of HTTP methods that the service accepts[“GET”, “POST”, “PUT”, “PATCH”, “DELETE”]
cors.allowed_headersallowed_headersComma-separated list of headers that are allowed["*"]
cors.exposed_headersexposed_headersComma-separated list of headers that are allowed for exposure[""]
cors.allow_credentialsallow_credentialsAllow the xKHR to set credentials cookiesfalse
cors.max_agemax_ageHow long the preflight cache is stored before a new must be made300
custom_headers.[N].keykeyCustom headers, the key of the header, e.g.: Cache-ControlNone
custom_headers.[N].valuevalueCustom headers, the value to the key of the header, e.g.: no-cacheNone