Release 5.0.0

Agile Live 5.0.0 release information

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Type: Fifth production ready release

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Release artifacts

Ingest and Rendering Engine binaries, headers, and shared librariesagile-live-5.0.0-9d0ae4b.zip08681e43e592b7d347752457be7fadfbb1f09d9ba6145714c004003fcc45f666
System Controlleragile-live-system-controller-5.0.0-1820bd9.zip826c99d8bc679ebe37762a4cfd408655807b19ac36419f826c9fbee02af1fe91

Library details

Version: 11.0.0

Library containing the core Ingest functionality used by the acl-ingest executable.

Version: 12.0.0

Library containing the MediaReceiver, MediaStreamer and ControlDataReceiver classes, used to implement a Rendering Engine. Also used by the acl-renderingengine application

Version: 11.0.0

Library containing the ControlDataSender class, used to send control messages to a ControlDataReceiver component.


  • It is now possible to use hostnames instead of just IP addresses for ACL_SYSTEM_CONTROLLER_IP environment variable.
  • HTTPS and client authentication are now enabled by default in the system
  • The new environment variable ACL_CUSTOM_CA_CERT_FILE makes it possible to set a custom CA certificate to use for verifying the system controller’s certificate. This can be used in cases when the CA certificate cannot be added to the list of OS trusted CA certificates.
  • SRT logs are now printed to the components’ log files and not just to the terminal

Ingest 11.0.0

  • SRT connections to Production Pipelines will now automatically try to reconnect in case the network link goes down.

Rendering Engine 3.0.0

  • The Rendering Engine now features a built in HTML renderer using the Chromium web engine through Chromium Embedded Framework. The HTML renderer is capable of opening multiple “browsers”, connected to input slots of the operator’s choice, rendering HTML graphics hosted by HTTP servers or even loading regular webpages.
  • A new chroma key node was added to make green screen effects possible.
  • The internal audio mixer now features a high pass and a low pass filter

Production Pipeline 12.0.0

  • The cadence and speed/quality balance can now be set for the MediaStreamer and Multi view outputs
  • MediaStreamer now supports multiple output streams (e.g. both SRT and UDP, or multiple SRTs and UDP outputs with different settings), as long as they use the same encoding settings.
  • Performance of the Production Pipeline has been improved. The load on the NvDec chip is reduced by up to ~50% and the load on the CUDA cores reduced by up to ~60% in certain conditions.
  • The Multi View outputs now show peak meter audio bars for all views, which makes solving audio problems much easier, as one can see both the audio of the incoming and outgoing video streams.
  • The Random Access Indicator (RAI) is now correctly set in the MPEG-TS output streams
  • Outputs with SRT in caller mode will now start even if the connection was not successfully made. The SRT connection will try to connect until it succeeds, or is manually closed down. In case the network link is broken, the SRT caller will try to keep connecting until it succeeds or is manually closed down.

Control Data Sender 11.0.0 and Control Data Receiver 12.0.0

  • The release now features a new acl-websocketcontrolpanel, which works like the already existing acl-tcpcontrolpanel, but allows for multiple clients to connect via WebSocket to the control panel instead.
  • It is now possible to use hostnames instead of just IP addresses when connecting a Control Data Sender or Receiver to another Control Data Receiver.
  • Fix bug where it was not possible to disconnect a Control Data Sender/Control Panel from a Receiver and connect it to another Receiver on another port.

System Controller 5.0.0

  • The REST API now correctly flags parameters with a default value in the Swagger documentation. These values does not need to be passed in the JSON blob with the REST API call. Parameters without a default value are correctly flagged as required in the documentation.
  • The Outputs part of the REST API has been updated to support multiple output streams from the same output component. The name of the REST API endpoints has been moved from pipelines/{uuid}/outputs/{output_uuid}/stream to pipelines/{uuid}/outputs/{output_uuid}/streams to reflect this. The POST request will return an id integer to identify the stream within the Output component. A new endpoint [DELETE] pipelines/{uuid}/outputs/{output_uuid}/streams/{stream_id} has been added to close a specific stream. All streams of an output can be closed with the old [DELETE] pipelines/{uuid}/outputs/{output_uuid}/streams endpoint.
  • System controller now logs to file. Default log location is /tmp with the log file prefixed with acl-system-controller.
  • Requests to the REST API are now rate limited to prevent overloading the components and to mitigate DOS attacks.
  • The IPBB cadence and speed/quality balance can now be specified for the encoder in both Output streams and Multiview output streams.
  • Prometheus endpoint now stops reporting metrics for closed streams.
  • Improve execution time of [DELETE] streams/{stream_uuid}
  • Authentication has been added to the Prometheus endpoint.
  • The parameters ip and port in the [GET] pipelines/{uuid}/outputs/{output_uuid}/streams has been corrected to remote_ip and remote_port. Their values are now reported correctly.
  • Security of the System Controller has been improved in several ways.
  • Prometheus endpoint has been updated with some missing statistics
  • The missing audio_mapping parameter has been added to the [GET] ingests/{uuid}/streams/{stream_uuid} and [GET] pipelines/{uuid}/streams/{stream_uuid} endpoints.
  • The sent_bytes parameter of the output statistics is now incremented as expected for both Multi View outputs and Output streams.
  • Fixed a bug where the System Controller application would crash when started with a filename as -settings-path parameter.

Known limitations

GPU performance

The GPU utilization in the Ingest status message is currently not working. Use intel_gpu_top and/or nvidia-smi instead.


For Outputs and multi-view outputs it is currently not possible to bind to a specific IP and port with MPEG-TS over UDP, even if local_ip and local_port are exposed in the REST API.


You need to install the CUDA Toolkit on Ingest machines, even if they don’t have Nvidia cards.


No known issues