Release 6.0.0

Agile Live 6.0.0 release information

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Release status

Type: Sixth production ready release

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Release artifacts

Ingest binary and shared libraryagile-live-ingest-6.0.0-5d0d6e4.tarcd21f5cf57a7ac5a4022d290c4badab87d768bafd8057c8142dc9397beb77086
Rendering Engine binary and acl-libproductionpipeline shared libraryagile-live-renderingengine-6.0.0-5d0d6e4.tar7aa15accad3a254a0f8a842cc41046f51d5e7a2b586489596831eb6310bf53f2
Generic control panels and acl-libcontroldatasender shared libraryagile-live-controlpanels-6.0.0-5d0d6e4.tar095ead70169afc0f4f5e2be00fc4507e787955cd4bfd93677a7e61779c0881e1
Include filesagile-live-dev-6.0.0-5d0d6e4.tar2686768b00e38bb02fd211da981c55e1399604edbaef317601ea11ae82d31cf1
System Controlleragile-live-systemcontroller-6.0.0-38a4fc7.tar86e58778cb5641ac1d7f2761ffabb3a69c51e24cbe2d41ed6b8df6093862f4b8


  • From this release Agile Live will be released as .deb packages instead of an archive of binaries and shared libs.
  • To simplify compatibility verifications, all components inside Agile Live now have the same version number as the version of the release they belong to, in this release 6.0.0. This means some components have received an older version number compared to earlier and some components have skipped several major versions.
  • The component -> System Controller communication has been changed from a request-response type of communication to a one-way communication, where the System Controller won’t send a response back and the component won’t expect a response back.
  • More informative error messages from the System Controller in case requests fail


  • Support for ingesting SRT sources. Both caller and listener mode is supported, with or without passphrase. Currently AVC and HEVC video codecs are supported and AAC audio. New SRT sources can be set up using the REST API.
  • Counters for dropped_frames, lost_frames and duplicated_frames are now split into separate counters for audio and video called dropped_audio_frames, dropped_video_frames, lost_audio_frames and so on
  • The NDI interface now supports interlaced NDI sources with individual fields
  • The Ingest application now logs the enabled input interfaces more clearly and also outputs the API version of all interfaces supported on the machine.

Rendering Engine

  • The Rendering Engine now supports playback of media files directly in the mixer itself. The player supports seeking as well as looping of the entire clip, or a section of the clip.
  • The Rendering Engine can send information on the states of all media players to HTML pages. This way graphics can be shown for countdown until a clip ends, or to overlay such information to aid hosts in the studio.
  • The generic control panel acl-tcpcontrolpanel now accepts multiple connections on a single port. As a result of this, the environment variable has changed name to ACL_TCP_ENDPOINT without an S and only accepts a single endpoint.
  • Fix a crash when some invalid control commands was sent to the Rendering Engine.

Production Pipeline

  • The visibility of the audio bars in the multi-views is now configurable per multi-view output.

Control Data Sender and Control Data Receiver

No changes

System Controller

  • Fields are not correctly marked as “required” or “optional” in the OpenAPI specification served from the System Controller
  • Fixed a bug where the metrics for retransmitted_packets and sent_bytes on the GET requests to multi-view did not increment
  • The PSK is now checked for complexity. A too simple PSK (for instance just the same letter repeated 32 times) will not be accepted anymore
  • Fix for CVE-2023-44487: DOS with HTTP/2
  • The list of locations where the System Controller searches for the acl_sc_settings.json file has changed to just two locations: /etc/opt/agile_live followed by the current working directory.
  • The log file of the System Controller is now created with file permissions that let any user read it
  • The public IP of Pipelines are now included in the REST API

Known limitations

Media Player

Videos will be stretched in case the video played does not have the same aspect ratio as the Rendering Engine is using.

GPU performance

The GPU utilization in the Ingest status message is currently not working. Use intel_gpu_top and/or nvidia-smi instead.


For Outputs and multi-view outputs it is currently not possible to bind to a specific IP and port with MPEG-TS over UDP, even if local_ip and local_port are exposed in the REST API.


You need to install the CUDA Toolkit on Ingest machines, even if they don’t have Nvidia cards.


No known issues