Getting Started

Getting up and running with Agile Live including all components and tools needed for a full solution

This is a tutorial that describes the steps needed to set up a full Agile Live system, everything from the Base Platform to the configuration-and-monitoring GUI and the control panel integrations. It relies on links to a number of separate sub-guides.


A working knowledge of the technical basis of the Agile Live solution is beneficial when starting with this tutorial but not required. It is assumed that sufficient hardware has been provided, i.e.:

  • at least one server to be used for ingesting media via an SDI capture card or as NDI via a network interface
  • at least one server to be used for running the production pipeline(s) including the rendering engine that performs the video and audio mixing, as well as the generic control panels
  • one server that will run all management and orchestration software, including the System Controller, the configuration-and-monitoring GUI, the Prometheus database and the associated Grafana instance
  • at least one computer that will have control panel hardware connected to it, run the control panel integration software, and receive and display the multiview video stream and the monitor feed media stream

The servers may be in the field, in a datacenter or in a private or public cloud. For cloud VMs, the requirement is that they have Nvidia GPUs with NvEnc+NvDec support. All major cloud providers have VMs with Nvidia T4’s.

In a very minimal system not all of these machines need to be separate; in fact, all the above could run on a single computer if so is desired. Recommended hardware requirements for the servers running the ingest and production pipelines can be found here.

Installing all components

A guide to installing all the components of the system can be found here, start by following it.

Using the configuration-and-monitoring GUI to set up and monitor a production workflow

A guide on how to use the basic configuration-and-monitoring GUI to set up a working system can be found here.

Using the Grafana dashboard example

Viewing the multiview and outputs

The multiview and outputs (low delay monitor feed and high quality program out) are sent from the platform as MPEG TS streams in SRT or UDP. For viewing the streams, please refer to this guide.

Creating a video mixer control panel in Companion

A good starting point for a video mixer control panel is to use Bitfocus Companion with an Elgato Streamdeck device. Some guidelines for how to use those to build a video mixer control panel for Agile Live can be found here

Using the audio control GUI

There is an example audio control panel integration that also includes a GUI. A guide on how to use it can be found here