Configuration and command-line arguments

Configuration and command-line

The ew-vod2cbm global service parameters can be specified in the following ways:

  1. On the command-line
  2. As environment variables
  3. In the configuration file (when specified by the command-line)
  4. Default values

This also shows the order of precedence from top to bottom, where values on the command-line will override all other values.

The global service parameters cannot change during execution, except for logging.

An example configuration file is available in Example Configuration.

Note that the typical way of creating and configuring channels and assets is over the REST API. It is also possible to configure assets and channels in the configuration file. This can be handy mostly for testing. A channel parameter, when present, will override the corresponding global parameter. For example the global parameter defaultMaxliveWin would be overridden by the channel parameter maxLiveWindowS.

The command-line

All command line parameters and environment variables can be seen by running:

ew-vod2cbm -h
Usage of ew-vod2cbm:

ew-vod2cbm produces linear video channels from VoD assets
with the same interface as the ESB3003 catchup buffer mgr (CBM).

Run ew-vod2cbm with options:

  -cachedcfg string
        Location of cached channel/assetpath configuration file
  -cfg string
        Config file
  -defaultMaxBitratePercentAbove int
        Global fallback percentage value for max higher allowed bitrate compared to a matching master track
  -defaultMaxBitratePercentBelow int
        Global fallback percentage value for max lower allowed bitrate compared to a matching master track
  -defaultMaxliveWin int
        Max live window [seconds] (default 14400)
  -licenseFile string
        Location of ew-vod2cbm license file (default "/etc/edgeware/ew-vod2cbm/license.json")
  -logformat string
        Format and type of log: [consolejson consolepretty journald discard] (default "consolejson")
  -loglevel string
        Initial log level (default "info")
  -port int
        Server TCP port (default 8090)
        Generate a markdown file with HTTP routes
  -s3file string
        S3 credentials file
  -timeout int
        Maximum time in seconds before HTTP requests fail. Set to 0 to disable (default 60)
        Generate time subtitles
        Get version, date, and possible expiration date

The corresponding environment variables are:

Command-line parameters will always override envirionment variables and configured values.

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