Installation and service operation

The vod2cbm service is distributed as a CentOS/Red Hat RPM and is available as ew-vod2cbm.service when installed. It works both on RH 7 and 8 and compatible versions.

To install version x.y.z, the rpm command can be used as follows:

yum install ./ew-vod2cbm-x.y.z-1.el8.x86_64.rpm

The service can be controlled with the standard systemctl commands:

systemctl start ew-vod2cbm
systemctl stop ew-vod2cbm
systemctl status ew-vod2cbm

Logs from the service can be seen using journalctl -u ew-vod2cbm.

The unit file is available in /usr/lib/systemd/system/ew-vod2cbm.service and starts ew-vod2cbm, serving port 8090 by default.

When run as a service, ew-vod2cbm reads its initial configuration from /etc/edgeware/ew-vod2cbm/config.json. The configuration may contain a schedule for looping channels. Non-looping channels must be created over the Channel REST API. For details on scheduling please refer to the API Reference

To uninstall the service, do:

yum remove ew-vod2cbm

When uninstalling or upgrading it is recommended to first stop the service.


Upgrade of ew-vod2cbm