Upgrade of ew-vod2cbm

Upgrade to v1.2.x from v1.0.x

There is a new parameter padLastGop in the REST API, as well as the local JSON configuration for a channel/schedule. If that is not set, a last shorter GoP will be truncated from an asset. Set it if you want the new padding functionality to be applied.

Upgrade to v1.0.x from v0.10.x

The main new thing is the online license file that must be available in order to run the service fully.

Upgrade to v0.10.x from v.0.8.x

The command-line parameter -gopdurms is no longer needed or supported. The config file is also no longer mandatory.

The command-line parameter -s3 has changed name to -s3file.

Upgrade to v0.8.x from v.0.6.x

The segmentation and splicing is now based on GoPs instead of segments. There is a new mandatory parameter, defaultGopDurMS that must be provided in the configuration file, or provided as a command line option -gopdurms.

The config file has changed to be based on GoPs instead of segments. Therefore, there are a few new parameters for each channel:

        "segDurMS"  -> "gopDurMS"
        "combineNrSegs" -> "nrGopsPerSegment":

Here, the gopDurMS must be the GoP duration for all input video variants of all input content. The actual segment duration of the content is not relevant. The end GoP may be shorter, but is then dropped.

The input segment duration is not fixed, as long each video segment consists of an integral number of GoP. The output segments are generated by combining nrGopsPerSegment GoPs, with a possible adjustment where ads start and stop.

Another update of the channel configuration is inside “schedule” where

 "Programs" -> "Entries"

For dynamics schedules, it is recommended to use the REST API to handle channels.