Release 0.10.0

New features
  • Track matching to allow for more flexibility when adding assets to a channel schedule.
  • New contentTemplatePath parameter in channel configuration for specifying compatible assets. This is intended to replace and improve on masterAssetID.
  • New parameters to fine tune track matching via bitrate:
    • max_bitrate and min_bitrate specified on a track level
    • maxBitratePercentAbove and maxBitratePercentBelow specified on channel level
    • max_bitrate and min_bitrate parameters in content template level and/or global level
    • global parameters for setting bitrate interval
  • Global parameters can be set either as command line parameters or as environment variables
  • New parameters to set maximal live window
  • Remove defaultGopDurMS parameter and auto-detect GoP duration instead
  • Automatic extraction of GoP duration from assets to allow for matching
  • Support for HEVC video
  • Support for DASH OnDemand assets without conversion to ESF format
  • New structured logging and better integration with journald
  • Assets with a missing subtitle track are allowed. An empty track will be generated automatically
  • Assets with mismatch in audio language are allowed. Another language audio track is used instead
  • Audio only support both via CBM interface and for direct HLS/DASH output

See Upgrade for information about how to upgrade

Release information

  • Date: 2022-03-17
  • Type: Beta for evaluation and testing