Configuring ew-manip and the Repackager

Configuring ew-manip

The ew-manip global service parameters can be specified in the following ways:

  1. On the command line
  2. As environment variables
  3. Default values This also shows the order of precedence, where values on the command line, will override all other values.

The repackager is normally running as an HTTP server on port 80. The ew-manip service would typically run on the same host with the default port 8094. The port can be changed in the service file at: /usr/lib/systemd/system/ew-manip.service key: ExecStart

If the repackager is not running on port 80, or on a different host from ew-manip, then this should be specified on the same line in the service file by adding: -u <repackager-hostname:port>

In the resulting combined manifest, the pre-roll content URL will point to another asset, and its URL needs to be an absolute URL. This does not have to be configured since the full absolute URL must be sent in the query string.

Repackager configuration (nginx routing)

The nginx routing must be manually configured in the repackager. To do that, add the following include entry to the nginx config file at: /etc/ew-repackager/ew-repackager-custom.conf

include /etc/edgeware/ew-manip/ew-manip-nginx.conf;

This will make requests with URLs ending with .m3u8 or .mpd containing the string ewm= at the start of the query string to be forwarded to the ew-manip server at http://localhost:8094.


Licensing credentials for ew-manip