HDR10 support

Description for HDR10 support

When ingesting TS streams, HDR10 is detected by parsing SPS. If the HDR10 info is included in the TS streams, the VUI part of SPS will contain colour_primaries with value 9, matrix_coeffs with value 9 and transfer_characteristics with value 16. If ew-vodingest detects exactly HDR10 info with these values, it will do following things:

  • Add new hdr field to video variant in content_info.json. This field currently supports only one value hdr10. The video variant info will look like this:
  "variants": [
      "media_type": "video",
      "subtype": "hevc",
      "name": "video_hevc_886kbps",
      "hdr": "hdr10",
  • Add compatible brand “chd1” to ftyp box of video file .cfmv
 - majorBrand: mp42
 - minorVersion: 512
 - compatibleBrand: chd1

Beside the VUI part of SPS, the following SEI NAL units may be present in the TS streams: Mastering display colour volume (SEI payload type 137) and Content light level information (SEI payload type 144). But this signal is optional, ew-vodingest doesn’t rely on them to detect HDR10. If these SEI NAL units are present, ew-vodingest will just add them to the hvcc box of video file .cfmv

For MP4 input, ew-vodingest does exactly the same behaviours, but the behaviour which add above SEI NAL units to hvcc box has not been tested.