Release 0.6.2

Initial beta release of ew-vodingest


  • Ingest SMIL + mp4 + subtitle assets in combined ESF + DASH OnDemand format
  • Support AVC, HEVC video
  • Support AAC, AC-3 audio
  • Support TTML, WebVTT, SRT, STL subtitles
  • Support displayName parameter for audio and subtitles
  • Support role (caption or subtitle) parameter for subtitles

Known limitations:

  • Requires mounted file system for input and output
  • Require constant GoP duration and constant sample steps
  • Does not preserve subtitle styling
  • Logging is not nice

Release information

  • Date: 2022-03-28
  • Type: Beta for testing
  • Expiration Date: 2022-09-24