Release 1.2.0

Major new features


  • New: Live recordings (with esb3003 CBM)
  • New: Command-line content-id (esb3005 style)
  • New: Content template verification, for esb3019 integration
  • New: Allow non-constant GoP-durations
  • New: Improved S3 and NFS failure handling
  • Fix: Superfluous audio-track generation
  • Fix: Confused output audio bandwidths
  • Fix: ADTS headers with 2-byte CRC

Known limitations:

  • Does not preserve subtitle styling
  • HDR10 has not been tested fully on MP4 file
  • VoD ingest of SMIL over HTTP, does not work with query parameter audioIndex

Release information

  • Date: 2023-03-08
  • Type: Production release