Release 1.4.0

Major new features


  • New: Support for EC-3 audio in transport streams
  • New: ew-vodmod tool to modify subtitle tracks of ingested VoD assets
  • New: Option to drop incompatible media tracks
  • Fix: ew-vodingest did not escape special character for WVTT format
  • Fix: corrected VOD-asset duration in log
  • Fix: corrected dropping of too early audio samples in TS ingest (causing “Bad box size” error)

Known limitations:

  • Does not preserve subtitle styling
  • HDR10 has not been tested fully on MP4 file
  • VoD ingest of SMIL over HTTP, does not work with query parameter audioIndex
  • live-recording-asset duration is logged as zero

Release information

  • Date: 2023-06-08
  • Type: Production release