Release 1.6.0

Major new features


  • New: Support for DASH On-Demand
  • New: Option to throttle the reading rate from local storage
  • Fix: Incorrect subtitles timing
  • Fix: Ingestion failed when missing some samples at the end of tracks
  • Fix: Cannot stream MSS throught ew-repackager
  • Fix: Lingering .dat file after ingestion failed
  • Fix: Missing field content_duration_ms for recordings
  • Fix: Language code is not extracted from subtiles filename when ingesting from SMIL (if language is not defined in SMIL)

Known limitations:

  • Does not preserve subtitle styling
  • VoD ingest of SMIL over HTTP, does not work with query parameter audioIndex

Release information

  • Date: 2023-09-18
  • Type: Production release