Release 1.8.0

Major new features


  • New: Support for HLS VOD input
  • New: Support for unencrypted ISM/MSS
  • New: Support for irregular sample duration VODs (TS and MP4)
  • New: Preserve WebVTT styling
  • New: Support Audio Descriptions in VOD ingestion
  • Fix: Missing CUE-IN for one segment ad break
  • Fix: Average segment duration appears in content_info.json when common GoP cannot be detected
  • Fix: Incorrect audio language
  • Fix: Incorrect audio codec
  • Fix: Duplicate track name for HEVC HDR and SDR tracks
  • Fix: Ingest stops due to unrecognized tag in smil
  • Fix: Missing role for subtitle track
  • Fix: Cannot parse PES packet containing more than one AAC frame, causing silent audio output
  • Fix: Incorrect maximum segment duration in content_info.json
  • Fix: Redundant HLS target duration in content_info.json

Known limitations:

  • Does not preserve TTML subtitle styling
  • VoD ingest of SMIL over HTTP, does not work with query parameter audioIndex

Compatibility has been verified with the following products:

  • Sw Repackager: 1.46.2
  • Sw Live Ingest: 1.38.0
  • DRM Gateway: 2.30.1
  • Convoy: 2.36.0

Release information

  • Date: 2023-11-29
  • Type: Production release