Configuration and Command Line Options

Configuring and running the server.

The ew-vodjit configuration parameters can be specified in the following ways:

  1. On the command-line
  2. In the configuration file (when specified by the command-line)
  3. Default values

They take precedence in the above order, i.e. a command-line value will override other values.

Command Line Options

The -h option will give you all available command-line options.

$ ./ew-vodjit -h
Basic usage of ew-vodjit:
ew-vodjit -cfg <config file> -port <port>

Translates assets into ESF format on-the-fly and provides
the asset via an HTTP interface with byte ranges.
Command line options will override configuration file values.

Run ew-vodjit with options:

-basepath string
        Base path to content
-cfg string
        Full path to configuration file (default "/etc/edgeware/ew-vodjit/config.json")
        Print help
-licensefile string
        License file path (default "/etc/edgeware/ew-vodjit/license.json")
-logformat string
        Format and type of log: [consolejson consolepretty journald discard] (default "consolejson")
-loglevel string
        Initial logging level: debug, info, warn, error, fatal, panic
-port int
        Server TCP port (default 8092)
        Get version, date, and possible expiration date

Configuration File

Most of the above parameters can be specified in the configuration file:

    "basePath": "/media",
    "logFormat": "consolepretty",
    "logLevel": "info"

Note: the server port and license file cannot be specified in this file

Downstream URLs and Configuration

Repackager Configuration

In the Repackager the ew-vodjit service needs to be configured as an HTTP server. Please refer to the section “HTTP server content locations” in the esb3002 User Guide.

Note: Request URLs to ew-vodjit for assets must be prepended with jit/.

To request an asset at <basepath>/archive1/movie1 The request URL for the above asset should be something like: http://<repackager>/__cl/s:jit/__c/jit/archive1/movie1/__op/default/__f/index.m3u8

To avoid the jit/ in the URL, an additional location can be configured in the Repackager’s ew-repackager-server.conf.

VoD to Linear [ew-vod2cbm] Configuration

In the ew-vod2cbm service, each asset must be added using the rest API /assetpaths. Where the "path" field is the full HTTP URL to the asset in the ew-vodjit service.

An entry for the above asset should be be:

    "id": "...",
    "path": "jit/archive1/movie1"

Assets can also be added in the startup configuration file. This is of course less flexible but can be suitable for testing.