StreamBuilder components

This is the new public documentation of Edgeware’s StreamBuilder. StreamBuilder is a platform for streaming HLS, MPEG-DASH and MSS from a common intermediate CMAF format.


With StreamBuilder you can store a single copy of your media and stream it in many different formats like HLS, DASH and MSS with different kinds of encryption and different types of manifests and SCTE markers.

New Components

We are currently developing a couple of new components, and at the same time we make the documentation public here. These components are:

The ESB3019 ew-vod2cbm service is a good source for creating FAST channels with ads from VoD assets.

The ESB3020 ew-manip service can manipulate DASH and HLS manifests.

Older components

StreamBuilder have many services whose documentation is delivered together with the software. These include

  • ESB3003 - live ingest and circular buffer manager
  • ESB3002 - the repackager
  • ESB3005 - recorder and VoD ingest
  • ESB3009 - DRM Gateway

The intention is that the documentation for these components and for use cases where the different components are combined will be published here as well.